Sophie Turner Has Red Hair Again — But Not For The Reason You Think

Photo: Greg Doherty/Patrick McMullan/Getty Images.
Millions of people all over the world know Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark, the flame-haired princess of Winterfell she’s played on HBO’s adaptation of Game of Thrones since 2011. But what most of them don’t know is that the real Turner, the one who dates Joe Jonas and gets pissed off when fans try to take sneaky pictures of her (totally understandable), is actually a natural blonde. In fact, as she told us in an interview recently, the red is only semi-permanent. A few washes after each season wraps, and she’s back to blonde.
But, in a surprise twist not unlike the ones that put us on an emotional rollercoaster each time a beloved character dies unexpectedly, Turner showed up on the red carpet at the official L.A. premiere of the show’s 7th (and penultimate) season last night with her hair the exact coppery shade we’ve come to associate with one of the last surviving children of the North. It’s like Sansa slipped out of Littlefinger’s grasp, time-traveled to 2017, put on a Louis Vuitton mini dress, and turned out for the event.
As some fans were quick to point out, however, that’s not necessarily Sansa’s look Turner is wearing this time around: She’s also gearing up to star as the similarly redheaded Jean Grey in DarkPhoenix, the next film in the X-Men franchise, so the change in color could also be attributed to the filming schedule for a movie that’s set to hit theaters in 2018. Or she could just really dig the shade — it does look good.
Either way, Turner remains one of our favorite celebrity faux redheads (joined by Emma Stone, of course). But we have to ask… what could this possibly mean for Sansa Stark? Only time — and the next 7 weeks of tuning in to watch a new GoT episode every Sunday night — will tell.

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