We Matched The Kardashian Crew With Game Of Thrones Characters

Photo: Brian Bowen Smith/E! Entertainment.
Game of Thrones returns in a little over a week. The Kardashians? Well, they’re always on. Case in point: the still-developing drama between Rob Kardashian and his ex-fiancée Blac Chyna. And while the news coming out of the Kardashian kamp is juicy enough, it’s not enough to keep me entertained for another 9 days while I wait on updates from Westeros.
We’ve already explored every theory and obsessed over each trailer. So why not have a little fun in the meantime? After much deliberation with a council of pop-culture experts (other R29ers), I have successfully matched members of Kardashian-verse with their character counterparts on Game of Thrones. The judging criteria included the characters' personalities, key events and actions, and public opinion of the Kardashians.
Scroll through the slideshow and let us know if you agree.

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