Kylie Jenner Just Got A Brand-New Ankle Tattoo — Kind Of

Photo: Ricky Vigil M/GC Images.
Out of all the ways to declare your love for another person — hiring a skywriter, proposing via Jumbotron, shouting it from the rooftops, standing outside their window playing a Peter Gabriel song out of a boombox — a tattoo is by far the most permanent. It’s also the riskiest, because if your puppy love should ever go sour, you are presented with only two options. Do you go through the expensive, painful, and tedious process of having the ink removed, or do you get it covered up with something a little more timeless?
If you’re Kylie Jenner, you go with the latter. That’s right: Just a few months after reportedly ending her three-year relationship with Tyga, Kylie pulled a Wino Forever and had her tattooed tribute to the rapper turned into a shout-out to something else entirely. Photos of the makeup mogul in London over the weekend show that what was once the lowercase letter “t” on the inside of her ankle has now become “la” — which one can only assume is an homage to Kylie’s American city of choice.
Considering that the star has been rumored to be dating rapper Travis Scott since her split from Tyga in April, it’s safe to say that with her new beau and the new tattoo, the exes are not planning on a reunion any time soon. No word yet on what Tyga is planning on doing with the “Kylie” tat on his forearm, but if he’s been holding out in hopes of a reconciliation, now would probably be a good time to throw in the towel and make that first appointment at a laser center.
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