Lady Gaga Explains Why Cyberbullying Is Such A Problem

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With all of the hatred hurled at celebrities — especially via social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram — it's easy to wonder how stars cope. Even Lady Gaga, whose single "Born This Way" started a movement of self-acceptance (not to mention inspired Gaga's own Born This Way Foundation) has a hard time dealing with internet trolls. In Gaga's new interview with People, the "Diamond Heart" singer got real about how bullying on the internet can cause people immense pain — but admitted that celebrities have it much easier than the common kid in school.
The American Horror Story actress, who has teamed up with Staples for Students, acknowledged that while celebrities may be bombarded with a ton of negativity, most of the time, they don't have to deal with seeing the person shading them in person. Kids, on the other hand, often have to face their bullies both online and in the hallways.
"It’s important to me to see, yes, there is a volume of people that can be negative on the internet that I see on my timeline. But the truth is, I never have to meet any of those people," she admitted to People.
She added:
"Imagine how those kids must feel that are in high school or grade school or even younger, and they are getting these messages that are upsetting that make them feel unsafe in school — to have their minds filled up with something other than what they’re studying, which is what they should be focused on."
Gaga is doing more than just empathizing with today's kids in interviews — she's also going into their schools to inspire and encourage them. Gaga met with students at Walter Reed Middle School in Hollywood, even dressing up like a substitute teacher for a campaign video for the Staples for Students organization.
Gaga's experience with bullying is a different breed, but it all stems from the same place: a lack of acceptance and empathy for others. While we still have a long way to go, stars like Gaga standing with bullied youth is an important step to making the world a bit better of a place.

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