Lamar Odom Hasn't Met Dream Kardashian, But He Wants To

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Lamar Odom's relationship with the Kardashians is a strained one, to the say the least. After what happened between the former basketball star and Khloé Kardashian, it's no surprise that members of the famous family would want to keep its distance, even if they used to be chummy with Odom.
In a new interview with Wendy Williams, Odom explains that he and Rob Kardashian used to be very close, but since the former Laker's issues with addiction and infidelity, the two haven't spoken.
"We were close," Odom said in a clip of the interview shared by People. "He has a child. I haven’t met his child yet or anything." That drew a collective "awww" from Williams' in-studio audience.
When Williams pressed Odom on why he hasn't maintained his friendship with Rob, Odom reflected on his own actions as the cause of the rift. He explained that if someone did what he had done to his own sister, he probably wouldn't want to associate with them, either.
"I guess maybe it's because I hurt his sister too much," Odom told Williams. "I have no idea. If she was my sister, I would have a problem with me too."
It's especially tough considering how tight-knit the Kardashians are. If Odom even wanted to get near Khloé, he'd have to deal with the entire crew, Kris Jenner included. Odom also explained that he would like to reconcile with his ex-wife, but he understands that it won't be an easy thing to manage, especially after everything that the two have been through together.
Back in January, Odom said that he wanted his wife back during his last TV appearance before checking into a 30-day rehab program. While it seems that Khloé has moved on from the relationship, which was plagued by drug and alcohol abuse as well as cheating and Odom's overdose in Nevada, Odom's still hoping to reconnect with the Kardashians, Rob and Dream included.
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