9 Ugly Shoes You'll Want To Wear All Summer

Many things in this world are ugly/cute: bulldogs, the kind of granny panties favored by photographers like Petra Collins. It's an undoubtedly polarizing aesthetic — the kind of trend that sparks revulsion and obsession in equal measure. In other words, it's not for everyone. But the recent magnetism of Jesse Kamm sailor pants proves the cult of ugly/cute is alive and well.
Shoes have long been the vanguards of this aesthetic, as evidenced by the rise (and fall) of the Great Croc Empire of 2006. There are lots of reasons to wear "ugly" footwear, from a simple need for arch support to a deep-seeded desire to brand oneself as a member of the Fashion Elite — or at least a wannabe Berlin club kid. Either way, the options ahead are a surefire way to stand out in a sea of summer gingham and white, ruffled off-the-shoulder tops.

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