Celebrity Selfies That Broke The Internet

Given that the month of June is home to National Hazelnut Cake Day and National Daylight Appreciation Day, should you really be surprised that June 21 is also National Selfie Day? Yes, there is a day devoted entirely to that happy byproduct of our phones' front-facing camera.
Today, we write an ode to those photos we snap in bursts when we're feeling particularly pretty. We give a shout-out to the phenomenon that populates our Instagram and Snapchat feeds. Yes: We celebrate the selfie.
Selfies are a fixture of our self-expression. Everyone has their go-to face and their preferred angle. Most of all, everyone has their favorite celebrity selfie. Are you a Kim, or are you an Ellen? Would you rather see celebrities snap goofy pictures with friends, or do you prefer selfies to be an unabashed celebration of self?
Either way, selfies are another way celebrities are just like us. They can't resist the front-facing camera, either.
Here are the celeb selfies that broke the internet .
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