The Weird Inspiration Behind These Makeup Brushes

Squirrels may be tied with chipmunks and prairie dogs for the coveted title of most lovable rodent, but they’ve never exactly been prime sources of beauty inspiration. (That top honor would go to the feline family, without question.) But, in the most exciting news to happen to the humble creatures since Justin Bieber fed some while wandering barefoot in a Boston park last year, Real Techniques is launching a line of makeup brushes inspired by squirrels — and not just any squirrels. Blue squirrels.
Two important things to note, right off the bat: Yes, there is such a thing as a blue squirrel, and no, none were harmed in the making of the brushes. Rather, the PowderBleu collection simply aims to mimic their rare and luxurious coats, as well as the other, less squirrel-safe versions that make up some of the most expensive brushes on the market. The FauxBleu technology, as it’s called, is based on the texture of the real deal, but the synthetic bristles work to blend, buff, and set powder products without messing up the rest of your makeup underneath.
The six-piece collection consists of a powder brush for sweeping bronzers and highlighters across the face, a finishing brush for a diffused glow, a complexion brush for all your powder foundation needs, a shadow brush, a large kabuki brush for seamless blending, and a plush, velvety puff that’s perfect for loose powder formulas. Plus, with the rich royal-blue color scheme, we have a feeling this line will even be able to win over the jaded souls that think squirrels are essentially just rats with tails.
You can get your paws on the PowderBleu collection starting in July, exclusively on the Real Techniques website.

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