13 Reasons Why's Ross Butler Just Sparked The Biggest Pizza Debate Instagram Has Ever Known

Photo: Beth Dubber/Netflix.
In case you thought this year's most incensed and nonsensical internet debate was the epic "covfefe" mystery, allow us to remind you of the even less important tweet feud that came before: the Great Pizza Topping Dispute Of 2017.
Pizza and what we put on it is a fiercely contentious topic on the internet, which is why last month our own brave food writer Marshall Bright did a deep dive into this pop-cultural crisis by doing a scientific taste test of every single pizza thing that has ever made Twitter pissed. (I mean, I'm just assuming it was every single thing, because HOW COULD THERE POSSIBLY BE MORE?)
And now, 13 Reasons Why star Ross Butler — everyone's favorite cute flannel-wearing high school kid who's actually 26 years old — is throwing his hat into the ring. He ran a post up the Instagram flagpole last night that features him, in all his skinny-jeaned glory, lovingly caressing a glittery pineapple disco ball. His caption: "The fairest pizza topping of them all." Them's fighting words, Butler.
Butler's Instagram followers are having at it — what else would we expect from them, really? — with such all-caps comments as, "HE WAS ALMOST PERFECT," "ROSS WHY NO," and "YESSSS FINALLY SOMEONE UNDERSTANDS THE TRUTH."

The fairest pizza topping of them all

A post shared by Ross Butler (@rossbutler) on

The actor has at least one big culinary name in his court. When Gordon Ramsay criticized pineapple pizza earlier this year, Alton Brown spoke out in its favor — or, at least in favor of flavor freedom on America's favorite savory pie: "I don't want people saying what should or should not be on a pizza," Brown told People. "You put anything on a pizza you damn well feel like."
We also know that one Sam Panopoulos, pineapple pizza's late and brilliant creator himself, is a fan of the "fun" and weird combo: “We just put it on, just for the fun of it, see how it was going to taste,” Panopoulos told the BBC in February.
The fact that it was invented in Canada just makes it that much sweeter. Because if everyone's Bae Justin Trudeau, aka "Baedeau," is on board, who are we to argue?
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