This National Poll Asked People To Weigh In On The Pineapple Pizza Debate

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Pineapple has long been a highly controversial pizza topping, but in recent weeks, the debate over whether or not it's acceptable for this tropical fruit to be put on a pizza has really heated up. And, it seems that we're nowhere near settling the argument because America is very split.
Public Policy Polling recently published results from a number of national polls conducted this month. Many of the questions had to do with our current political climate, but one asked poll participants to weigh in on the hot-button issue of pineapple on pizza. Question 37 read, "Do you approve or disapprove of having pineapple as a pizza topping?" The results show that 47% of those surveyed said they approve of pineapple on pizza, while 32% disapprove. And, 20% just aren't sure how to feel. I guess it's true what everyone's been saying lately, America has never been more divided.
This article was originally published on March 6, 2017.
We may disagree about what foods taste good together, but hopefully, most civilized people can let one another eat in peace, as long as they're not bothering anyone else. One restaurant employee, however, really seems to view taste as a moral issue, particularly when the food in question is pineapple pizza.
When one woman in Arizona who goes by Ali on Twitter ordered a pineapple pizza, she got the pizza — but no pineapple, Hello Giggles reports. Instead, a five dollar bill was taped to the box next to a note reading, "Couldn't bring myself to put pineapple on it. That's gross. Sorry." It looks like she's got something else on there, like onions and maybe some chicken, but the sweet tropical fruit is nowhere to be seen.
For whatever reason, pineapple pizza seems to evoke more outrage than any other food (with the exception of the veggie/vegan debates over animal products, perhaps, but the pineapple controversy appears to be purely due to taste). Last week, one Twitter user dipped pizza in milk just to make the point that pineapple pizza is even grosser. "I can confirm, milk on pizza is way better than pineapples on pizza. Milk and cheese are in the same category, whereas pineapples and cheese are complete opposites," she told BuzzFeed.
Even political leaders have something to say about this. Iceland's President Guðni Th. Jóhannesson recently suggested to a group of high school students that he w0uldn't mind banning the food entirely.
"I like pineapples, just not on pizza," he clarified on Facebook afterward. "I do not have the power to make laws which forbid people to put pineapples on their pizza. I am glad that I do not hold such power. Presidents should not have unlimited power. I would not want to hold this position if I could pass laws forbidding that which I don't like. I would not want to live in such a country. For pizzas, I recommend seafood."
We do not want to see what happens if any of these people find out that Hawaiian pizza ice cream sandwiches are a thing.

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