Where Did We Leave Off With Game Of Thrones' Youngest Assassin, Arya Stark?

Thank the Old Gods and The New, Game Of Thrones season 7 will be on in less than a month. That means you need a refresher course on all the madness of season 6 as soon as possible. We've checked in with Jon "King In The North" Snow, as well as Sansa "I'll Watch Your Dogs Eat You Alive" Stark. It's only fair to go down the line of Stark children to the next still-living sibling: Arya Stark.
The youngest daughter of Winterfell started the season blind and ended it just getting over being stabbed multiple times. That's one major arc in just 10 episodes. So, we bet you've forgotten a lot of the details between Arya's two states of season 6 trauma.
To help jog your memory, we've recapped exactly where we left off with Arya and how she got there. Scroll through the gallery to relive all the near-assassinations, actual assassinations, and surprise reappearances. It already looks like Game Of Thrones season 7 is going to be huge for the Stark kids.
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