Where Did We Leave Off With The Real Game Of Thrones MVP, Sansa Stark?

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The characters on Game Of Thrones have all gone through major transformations, yet no one has changed more than Sansa Stark. The oldest Stark daughter started out as a spoiled young noble, desperate to become the next queen of Westeros. By season 6, Sansa is completely disillusioned about romance, power, and the ruling class in the Seven Kingdoms — and for good reason.
But, how did she get there and what's next for season 7? Well, it's time to answer those questions as the July 16 premiere of Game Of Thrones approaches. We've already broken down Jon Snow's season 6 story arc and now it's Sansa's turn.
Take a look at the gallery to find out where viewers left off with Sansa after her darkest season ever. You'll definitely want to crown her Queen In The North by the time you're done. Well, that, or give Miss Sansa a huge hug.
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Sansa Is The Greatest Battle Commander In The North

Jon Snow may be King In The North by the end of season 6, but Sansa is the real military genius in the family. In the epic penultimate episode "Battle Of The Bastards," feminist icon Sansa Stark points out how ridiculous it is watching her older brother and his male advisors plan a strategy against Ramsay Bolton. While the former Lord Commander and his team have only known the Bastard Of Bolton for "a single conversation," Sansa was his wife and captive — she knows exactly how his twisted mind works. Of course these dudes should have asked for her advice.

"You think he’s going to fall into your trap. He won’t. He’s the one who lays traps," Sansa warns a headstrong Jon, who ignores his half-sister.

Well, thank the Seven the eldest Stark daughter smartly wrote a letter requesting help from the Knights of The Vale, who are sworn to her cousin, Robin Arryn (Lino Facioli), and his Sansa-obsessed stepfather, Petyr Baelish (Aidan Gillen). Just when it looks like Jon did fall into Ramsay’s trap, as Sansa warned, the Arryn forces ride in on horseback to save the day.

Winterfell is recaptured thanks to Sansa's ingenuity. And that means…
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Sansa Is Technically A Widow

With Winterfell wrenched out of Ramsay’s control, the sadistic rapist is captured by the Starks and held in the dungeon. Instead of a "the man who passes the sentence should swing the sword"-style execution, Sansa verbally drags her "husband" for a beat and then watches as his bloodthirsty hounds rip him to shreds.

With first husband Tyrion Lannister presumed dead and second husband Ramsay dead, Sansa is once again a single woman. And at this point we assume she's going to stay that way forever.
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Sansa Is Not Pregnant

In his final moments alive, Ramsay tells Sansa, "Our time together is about to come to an end. That’s alright. You can’t kill me. I’m part of you now." Many viewers worried the soon-to-be dead man’s threats were a hint the Lady Of Winterfell was carrying her rapist’s child.

Thankfully, Sansa herself, Sophie Turner, has confirmed those creepy last words were a morbid metaphor, not biologically literal.

"Personally, I think it's more figurative, especially because months and months have gone on and Sansa really hasn't developed a baby belly," Turner told The Hollywood Reporter following the much talked about June 2016 episode. "So I think he means he's going to forever be imprinted on her in a way that he's done such a terrible thing to her."

We can all breath a sigh of relief now.
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Sansa Is On Jon’s Side… For Now

Last time we see Sansa in season 6, she and Jon agree to a detente in the Stark family following years of low-key animosity. Sansa even says she sees Jon as a true Stark. It’s actually a beautiful moment, considering she was the cruelest of all her siblings to their bastard "half-brother," who’s actually the Stark kids’ cousin. Everything is so peaceful, the pair’s biggest argument is over who gets "mother and father’s room."

Then, of course, creepy Petyr Baelish meddles in the brother-sister relationship, asking whether the North should rally around Sansa, the only "trueborn" heir of Ned Stark known to be alive, or Jon, "a motherless bastard born in The South." Sansa insists she’s behind her brother, but once all of the North starts cheering Jon as King In The North, it’s difficult to tell.

Sansa shoots Jon a genuinely supportive smile among the all the applause, but her happiness seems to disappear the moment she sees Littlefinger judgmentally smirking at her in the crowd. Who knows where her allegiance will lie in season 7?
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Sansa Is Unknowingly Super Close To Her Younger Sister

Part of the reason Sansa is so supportive of Jon comes from the fact he’s her sole living relative confirmed to be alive. Everyone knows dearly departed Robb Stark (Richard Madden) was murdered in the Red Wedding. She just saw Rickon Stark (Art Parkinson) shot to death with arrows during the Battle Of The Bastards. And both Bran Stark (Isaac Hempstead Wright) and Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) are presumed dead after going missing years ago.

Little does Sansa know she and Arya are the closest they've been since the season 4 finale. The teen assassin has returned to Westeros following her short apprenticeship from the Faceless Men. In true Arya fashion, she shows up in the Riverlands to slit Walder Frey’s throat in the bloodiest manner possible. That means Arya is now in the kingdom right below the North.
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Sansa Has Lost All Of Her Season 1 Naïveté

Season 6 confirms just how dark Sansa has become since the beginning of Game Of Thrones. In "Bastards" she threatens to commit suicide if Team Stark-Snow loses the battle with Ramsay, bluntly telling Jon, "No one can protect me. No one can protect anyone." Later in the episode, she watches Ramsay’s dogs eat him alive for a full twenty seconds before leaving with a smile on her face.

By season finale "Winds Of Winter," Sansa reveals she no longer believes in religion and says she was a "stupid girl" for having dreams and wants during her childhood in Winterfell. Harsh.

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