Where Did We Leave Off With The Real Game Of Thrones MVP, Sansa Stark?

Photo: Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO.
The characters on Game Of Thrones have all gone through major transformations, yet no one has changed more than Sansa Stark. The oldest Stark daughter started out as a spoiled young noble, desperate to become the next queen of Westeros. By season 6, Sansa is completely disillusioned about romance, power, and the ruling class in the Seven Kingdoms — and for good reason.
But, how did she get there and what's next for season 7? Well, it's time to answer those questions as the July 16 premiere of Game Of Thrones approaches. We've already broken down Jon Snow's season 6 story arc and now it's Sansa's turn.
Take a look at the gallery to find out where viewers left off with Sansa after her darkest season ever. You'll definitely want to crown her Queen In The North by the time you're done. Well, that, or give Miss Sansa a huge hug.
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