Spencer & Heidi Pratt Talk Parenting, Speidi As A Baby Name, & Whether A Hills Movie Will Happen

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Spencer and Heidi Pratt may have been labeled reality TV villains at one point in their career, but it's hard to remember that label when Heidi hands me a homemade macaron. Today, I am chatting with the former stars of The Hills at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, where Speidi just took a private floral arrangement class with in-house florist Square Root Designs. The event is in honor of Spencer's first Father's Day — because he's a soon-to-be dad.
Like many of her Hills co-stars, Heidi is pregnant, and she and her husband are ecstatic about starting the next chapter of their lives. (Though Heidi couldn't drink the champagne provided by the hotel, she did sip on H2rOse to celebrate, and enjoyed treats like mint cookie chocolate malt balls and gummy hearts from Bouquet Bar.) When I meet them, the soon-to-be parents are onto the sweeter portion of the day: designing their own pastries, courtesy of Chris Ford of Butter Love & Hard Work, the executive pastry chef at the hotel. As they delicately pipe frosting and place raspberries on the tarts Heidi is eager to devour (Spencer is, sadly, on an elimination diet due to food allergies) I ask them all about their upcoming parenthood journey, their former life on The Hills, and whether they want to raise the next Chris Pratt.
What are you most looking forward to about parenting?
Spencer Pratt: "That’s an overwhelming question. Probably to rewatch all my favorite movies with my son. I love watching movies. It’ll be fun to get to watch every one of my favorite movies over again and introduce all the greats. Heidi goes to bed pretty early so I’m hoping our son stays up late crying."
Heidi Pratt: "I’m excited just to have a family and to restart life. You learn so much about yourself and about having a different perspective on things. I’m really excited to be in the next chapter and have our whole family together."
Have you given any thought to baby names?
HP: "Baby names are really hard. We’re having a seriously challenging time. A lot of the names I like are taken. Spencer doesn’t want to have a duplicate name out there."
SP: "I just don’t want to have the same name as like Tom Cruise’s kid."
What about "Chris," so your son can be "Chris Pratt?"
SP: "That’s definitely on the list. But our Chris Pratt would take photos with his fans. He’ll be a very different Chris Pratt."
Is "Speidi" on the table?
SP: "[For a] middle name... It’s a very realistic middle name. There’s [a] first name [that would go with] Speidi... Well, 'Speidi' is in it, but you merge 'Speidi' with an ending. It makes it a little less flashy... Speidison. Uh oh, did I give it away?"
HP: "No, we're not using that one. It's okay."
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What is the best piece of advice your parents have given you about your upcoming journey?
HP: "My mom just says to enjoy the moment and the ride. It goes by so quickly. So, just to really embrace the ride. Kids just grow up so fast. Look at us. We used to be kids."
Do you think you will let your son watch The Hills?
HP: "I don’t know if he’ll want to watch it. The show will be so outdated by then. He’ll be like 'What? Shows used to be that long?' I'm not too worried about it."
SP: "'It's not virtual reality?'"
Would you want to do a reality show with your son as a character?
HP: "He's going to be born a star, so we should embrace it early! [Laughs]"
SP: "There's the quote of the day."
What advice would you give your son about being in the spotlight?
SP: "Make sure you get your haircut every week."
HP: "It’s important to stay grounded and appreciate everything you have. All the little things. To not let it get to your head. Watch out for the haters. Don’t listen to them."
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Speaking of haters, how do you plan on dealing with mommy shamers, should they ever come for you?
HP: "I turned off my comments on Instagram. So, no mom-shaming here. At this point in life, people can say whatever they want and it’s fine. I just have to take it with a grain of salt."
You mentioned in an interview that your former Hills co-stars Audrina Patridge and Kristin Cavallari gave you advice on parenting. What did they say?
HP: "Kristin gave me the advice that I need to pick my own baby name because it’s our baby and we get to enjoy it ourselves. She gave me a list of the top things that you’ll need before you have the baby. Then, with Audrina, [she said] if I need anything [she would be there], and she’s been really sweet. Both of them have been in touch with me about little things."
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Do you ever re-watch The Hills when they do re-runs on TV?
HP: "No. I watched the first season with Lauren and I’ve seen a few episodes of the second season, but other than that I haven't watched the rest. And I don’t plan on it."
Have you spoken to Lauren Conrad since you both announced your pregnancies?
HP: "No."
SP: "I just texted her asking if we could get a better deal than the under $50 for her maternity clothes. Hoping we could get even more of a discount. I haven’t gotten a response. I’m sure she’s just trying to figure out the best deal for us."
Any aspirations to start a parenting blog?
SP: "Heidi does have the best pregnancy podcast on SoundCloud. You're on episode 4?"
HP: "I think five... It is a weekly diary of what’s going on. Being pregnant there’s just so many things you don’t realize until you’re in it... Every week, so many things happen. You’re dealing with so many things. You have to think months ahead and you have to be in the moment. You’re dealing with this baby inside of you. It’s capturing the week by week tips."
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What was the best pregnancy tip that you have received?
HP: "[It was] from my sister, just [to] keep everything balanced. Don’t [go] overboard. I was so worried about what I was eating. [She was like,] 'if you would give it to your child, then you can eat it,' kind of thing. Sometimes I’m gonna let my kids have a gummy bear!"
If a Hills movie were to happen, would you be onboard and what would you want it to about?
HP: "I think we’re so past a Hills movie at this point. I don’t think it would ever happen."
SP: "Did you just say no to a Hills movie?"
HP: "I don't think there will ever be a Hills movie."
SP: "Yes there will. We just won't be in it."
HP: "I think of how it ended and everything. I don’t think they wanted to continue. So, probably not. [But,] anything can happen."

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