Reddit Wants Urban Decay To Bring Back This Iconic Lip Gloss

Even though there's been a resurgence of beauty trends from the '90s and early 2000s, that doesn't mean every brand we loved back then looks the same today. As times change, so do product formulations, and — most obviously — the packaging. But there's one item Reddit users are especially nostalgic about as of late: Urban Decay's Pocket Rocket.
Ring a bell? Similar to brands like The Balm, UD used some sexy packaging to sell its lip glosses. Nearly a decade ago, this Pocket Rocket collection was the shit. Sure, the gloss itself was hydrating and creamy, but it was what the product looked like that had us hoarding tube after tube. And at $19 a pop, it was well worth the money.
The range was unique at the time for one reason: The packaging included a half-naked man inside the cap. At first glance, the tube's hologram was of a dude wearing clothes, but with a quick hand movement, you would see him change down to his skivvies. Now that's something people don't forget. Reddit user @_pineapple posted to the Makeup Addiction thread, “I just found this old urban decay lipgloss that I bought at Walmart. The picture changes when you tip the bottle.” And the comments lit up with nostalgia.
One user replied, "Oh yes, the memories. The sweet, sweet middle school memories. I wanted these so badly that I saved hardcore and then it was one of those things that nobody else I knew really gave a shit about it. Dem young makeup enthusiast probs."
"Hahaha I remember my mom being absolutely scandalized by these!" added another.
Even more comments called back to the sickening caramel scent that plagued the whole range, but it never mattered. Hiding one of these bad boys in our backpacks made us feel so damn cool. Considering lip gloss is on-trend again, it wouldn't be so inconceivable for Urban Decay to bring back the iconic collection. Here's hoping...
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