These Mermaid-Inspired Makeup Brushes Look A Little Too Real…

Not to burst your bubble, but many experts in folklore and myths believe that the modern idea of the mermaid has somehow evolved from sailors recounting early sightings of the dugong. These creatures are a bit like a sea cow or manatee — and definitely not a beautiful nude woman with the scaly, shimmering lower body of a particularly glamorous fish.
Just don't try telling that to anyone who’s taken a liking to supposedly mermaid-inspired beauty. (Glitter and holographic highlighter does not a dugong make.) But the day may have finally come when something takes the whole mermaid thing a little too far by reminding us what, exactly, mermaids are actually supposed to be.
The soon-to-be-released makeup brushes from Unicorn Lashes, a brand you may also recall from its treasure trove of unicorn-inspired brushes, will feature handles that are inspired by the mermaid. The only problem? They're just a little too much like actual tails for comfort. They have scales, and little fins, and whatever the arm-looking appendages are called. They’re cute, the way many fish are cute — but wouldn’t it be a touch unsettling to use makeup brushes that have so much in common with a fish?
Regardless, the mermaid brushes are bound to sell out fast, just like everything else that Unicorn Lashes comes out with. If the Google Images results of the (adorable) dugong aren’t enough to turn you off your mythical creature obsession, even if it does stem from sailors with bad eyesight, then you’ll want to keep your ear to the ground for the launch date. After all, that’s also how we got the Loch Ness Monster — and look how that turned out.

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