These Holographic Highlighters Are More Magical Than Any Unicorn

With mystical unicorns and mermaids dominating the hivemind these days, it’s possible you might have forgotten that nature is still really cool. Fireflies in a jar, the first rays of sunlight streaming through white curtains in a bay window, a roll of thunder, a clap of lightning, a warm place to hide out from the storm — it’s all out there, if only you look away from your Instagram feed for, like, 20 seconds.
But if you think nature has never inspired a limited-edition holographic highlighter that’s guaranteed to blow up on social media, you would be wrong. Rituel de Fille is launching two new additions to its Rare Light Luminizer lineup, drawing inspiration from — what else? — the sky, in all its vast, incomprehensible glory.

Lunaris + Solaris // Two extraordinary new color-shifting Rare Light Luminizers rise June 28. #comingsoon

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To be more specific, it’s the shifting light throughout the day and night and the colors it creates that the brand has attempted to capture in cream highlighter form. Lunaris, a cool-toned iridescent shade, goes on almost clear and reflects bluish depending on how the light hits it; Solaris mirrors warm, orangey sunlight, in the same transparent opal base. Rituel de Fille describes both as highly adaptable, an ode to “the duality of the moon and sun, and the dimensional radiance of night and day.”
You can get your hands on the makeup-bag version of the moon and sun on June 28, when the colors officially launch on the brand's website. Each one retails for $29, and you can place your pre-order now to be first in line for the limited-edition release. And you absolutely should, because if there’s one thing we’ve learned from the solar and lunar cycles that’s applicable to daily life, it’s that time waits for no one — not even the most devoted of highlighter hoarders.

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