Anti-Highlighter Is Here For Your Cold, Dark Soul

Do you squint at the sight of your coworker's beaming highlighter? Is your everyday makeup look a smoky eye? Do you have the next lunar eclipse saved in your Google calendar? If you answered yes to any of the above, then Rituel de Fille just created the product for you: black, cream highlighter.
There is no rainbow, shimmer, or unicorn horns to be found here. Instead, the no-nonsense pigment (which can be worn on eyes, cheeks, and lips) is pure, unadulterated black — with just the sheerest undertone of aubergine.
When you sweep it across your skin, you’ll notice the finish is a subtle, lustrous texture; it practically begs you to try the glossy eyelid look. We love layering it thick on our lids and lips, but if you're not so into the goth look, try tapping it over another color to make it moodier. While the brand swears you can wear it on your cheeks, we found it looked a little like soot on our editors with lighter skin. (But again, if that's what you're into...)
Now, save the launch date on your phones and go watch The Craft until it drops.
Rituel de Fille Eclipse Inner Glow Crème Pigment, $29, available April 5 at Rituel de Fille.
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