Bachelorette Contestant Luke Pell's New Career Path Is Totally Unexpected

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
During his time on JoJo Fletcher's season of The Bachelorette, Luke Pell bucked tradition, playing the good guy route the whole way. And now, instead of grasping for fame the Bachelor way, Access Hollywood reports that he's trying his hand at country music.
Post-Bachelor careers generally follow one of few paths. Many who don't get the final rose on the Bachelor or Bachelorette try their hand at extending that sweet moment of fame via a turn (or two) on Bachelor in Paradise, and maybe a go on Dancing with the Stars. After that, they usually attend music festivals, sell things on Instagram, and, for the guys at least, get into personal training (ahem, Shawn Booth and Chad Johnson).
Pell's no stranger to the music scene, however. Before his stint on reality TV, the army vet released a few country songs, "Fall of Me," "Hand Me Down Chevrolet," and "Tungsten Steel," in 2015. Anyone familiar with country knows that Chevys, heartbreak, and odd metallurgy references are par for the course in the genre, so Pell's not that far off-base.
However, Pell told Page Six that he knows he has a lot to prove. After all, nobody can expect to be Tim McGraw overnight — or after 15 minutes of Bachelorette fame.
"It's really a double-edged sword," Pell told Page Six at the CMT Awards. "Now that the world knows me as that character and being on reality TV, being in Nashville and being a young songwriter and artist, you almost have a tarnished reputation because people are more resistant to getting to know you because you were a reality TV star."
Romper dug a little deeper and found that Pell had previously offered up his musical talents for weddings and other social events. He lists his influences as "George Strait, Garth Brooks, Cross Canadian Ragweed, The Black Crows, and Lynyrd Skynyrd," so it seems he's primed himself for crossover stardom once he finds his place in Music City.
So, this is not really a career pivot. Pell insists that he's just going back to his roots and pursuing his pre-Bachelorette passions.
"A lot of people don't know that I was doing country music," Pell said. "I was a songwriter and an artist well before the Bachelorette ever happened."
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