Miranda Kerr's Cure For Heartbreak Comes In Convenient Roll-On Form

Photo: Gilbert Carrasquillo/GC Images.
If you’re a human being who feels feelings, chances are you’ll experience heartbreak at some point. It will hurt, and you will do what you need to do to feel like yourself again, whether it’s poring over self-help books, chopping all your hair off as a kind of dramatic “fuck you” to the world, or drowning yourself in a vat of ice cream. (Not literally.)
If you're Miranda Kerr, you’ll consult your aromatherapist to help you cope with your post-breakup depression. No, not your therapist — your aromatherapist. “A few years ago, I was in a really tough place,” Kerr told Elle. That’s when she decided to reach out to the scent specialist, who worked with her to develop a blend of essential oils to better open and activate the heart chakra. (Which, as the model once told us, "feels like you're getting a hug.")
“We created this super-charged wellness essence that really helps nurture your heart and empower your energies,” Kerr said. The impending product: the Kora Organics Heart Chakra Aromatherapy Oil, which came out a few years ago and retails for $42 at Sephora. “We put in sandalwood, ylang ylang, cedar wood, and we combine them together and filter them through a rose quartz crystal to charge them.”
That’s right: Each bottle of the fragrance oil comes pre-charged. “That brings the vibration of love, and it's really good for your wellbeing,” she explained. “It's a unique filtration process, and every single one of our oils goes through it. It's this giant crystal, about 8 inches in diameter.”
Roll it on your pulse points, behind your ears, and over your heart chakra (that would be right in the center of your chest), breathe deep, and let love in. It’s the best way to get over Orlando Bloom, so then you can finally find yourself a nice tech CEO to settle down with instead.

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