A Publication Referred To Amal Clooney As The "Wife Of George Clooney" & Twitter Is Not Happy

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Amal Clooney is a name you probably recognize. It is the name of a woman who just gave birth to two happy, healthy twins named Ella and Alexander. It is the name of an international human rights lawyer. It is the name of a professor at Columbia Law School. Oh, and it is the name of the woman who George Clooney had the great honor of meeting, courting, and then, eventually, marrying and starting a family with.
It happens time and time again. Women are tied so closely to their male partners that they are often referred to as the plus-one of a relationship: the dreaded "wife of." So it's not surprising that a news outlet naturally referred to her as the "wife of George Clooney" when sharing the birth announcement on Twitter. The Associated Press wrote, "BREAKING: Publicist says Amal Clooney, wife of George Clooney, gave birth to twins Ella and Alexander on Tuesday." I'm sure George himself would be flabbergasted by this wording — his wife's resume way surpasses his own in every way.
In short: it's disappointing, and commenters are here to take AP to task for it. "I think you mean Amal Clooney, noted human rights lawyer, gave birth to twins. #FixedItForYou," wrote one user. Another agreed writing a similar response: "OR Amal Clooney (lawyer and activist) and her husband George (Hollywood actor) welcomed twins. OR, just Amal and George Clooney. C'mon @AP." Some people weren't even interested in the news of the birth, but still took the time to remind the news outlet that Amal is her "own person." One person even went ahead and photoshopped a new headline, adding, "Here's a more current-century way of announcing a woman giving birth."
Too often were intertwine the lives of a wife or mother with the careers of the men for no reason at all other than laziness. People have been mad about this before, and they'll be mad about it again, so let's just do better. Let this be a reminder that once again women are not objects or possessions and shouldn't be treated, or tweeted, as such.
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