The Best Pop Culture-Obsessed Merch — For Babies

Think about the person in your life who spends more time with Netflix than their own friends and family; the one who takes more pride in curating their Spotify playlists than on anything required by their employer; the friend who can more easily quote the Kardashians than tell you a thing about news and politics. Now, let's think about their offspring.
Judging by this friend's consumption habits, they've likely hopped on the merchandise bandwagon, wearing their Bieber concert hoodie not just-on-the-weekends, and refreshing Supreme's website on the regular. So, we can only expect the same when it comes to how they dress their kids. Lucikly, merch for babies doesn't have quite as much hype (meaning there likely won't be a ton of tots wearing the same onesie at the playground), but it's still just as hard to get your hands on.
So, we've dug up four Internet jackpots for pint-sized merch — Redbubble, Little Giants, The Mini Classy, and yes, Etsy — because, of course, not even babies can be left out of the all-branded-everything craze. So whether you're shopping for your cultured friend's little one or said person is, well, yourself, click on for the best pop-culture swag on the web right now. Why not start 'em young, you know?

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