Why This Getaway Destination Is So Popular With Insta-Models

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There are plenty of picturesque beach towns around the world, but Turks and Caicos has got a special allure beyond powdery sands and crystal-clear waves. Home to the third-largest barrier reef system in the world, the destination looks like a legit paradise-on-Earth, with water so clear and stunningly turquoise that renders filters completely obsolete. The white-sand beachfront spans 230 miles, making the islands one of the most exclusive gems in the Caribbean's.
These attributes are certainly not lost on some of the most-followed people on Earth. Kylie Jenner threw an epic birthday marathon with her entire squad at a $10,000-a-night Airbnb villa on Providenciales, the main island. The star-studded cast included Bella Hadid, Jordyn Woods, and of course, Kendall. Ashley Graham is also to ringing in her 30th birthday with her girlfriends in Turks and Caicos, according to a video interview with Vogue. With all this buzz surrounding the tropical haven, we've decided to bring you a virtual escape to the most enticing corners of the territory. Better grab your SPF and sunnies.
Grace Bay is possibly the most well-known beach in Turks and Caicos. With twelve miles of sand and proximity to the golf course, the area is where many luxury resorts and rentals have set up camp. The shallow waters are perfect for a dip, and snorkeling enthusiasts should check out the Bight Reef.

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Long Bay is a quiet stretch on the island ideal for families or, as previously mentioned, celebrity squads. Provo Ponies offers ocean horse rides that look downright unreal.
Beyond the main island of Providenciales, there are a few more secluded and unspoiled islands in the Caico Cays worth checking out. Pine Cay is one of the privately-owned islands that offers insane panoramic views.

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Grand Turk is a popular stop for many Caribbean cruises. The prime tourist attraction here is the Mega One Triton Shipwreck, a haunting vessel washed ashore during Hurricane Sandy in 2012.
Time seems to have stopped on Salt Cay, a small island that's quiet and charming. You can easily bike around the island and while away your days picking seashells or snorkeling.
Secluded in a National Park, Governor's Beach on Grand Turk is equally sensational experience for snorkeling or picnicking.
This video shows you exactly what it feels like to land in paradise. Join us in our efforts to save up for a vacation like this.