Kylie Jenner's Birthday Airbnb Was Actually 3 Insane Mansions — Peek Inside

Photo: Broadimage/REX/Shutterstock.
Kylie's marathon birthday celebration may be over, but, thanks to Instagram, our jealously lives on. The new 19-year-old just shared a pic of her Airbnb in Turks and Caicos, where she and her squad stayed on her big day. And, as it turns out, their digs were way more luxe than we'd ever imagine.

For starters, it wasn't just one seaside villa; it was three. Each mansion came equipped with its own pools, jacuzzis, private deck area, and beachfront cabana. Guests could also enjoy the shared private gym and spa area, outfitted with a sauna, steam room, and open-air massage table. Oh, and there's a private teppanyaki — a.k.a. those grills from Benihana.

Of course, all those amenities don't come cheap. If you want to enjoy a Kylie-approved Caribbean getaway, be ready to pony up $10,000 a night, with a five-night minimum. Though, if you can really wrangle 54 friends (the max the property can accommodate), that actually just shakes out to $185 a night per person, before fees and taxes. Speaking of which, anyone looking for Labor Day plans?

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