Your Best Bets For A Memorial Day Binge-Watch

Congratulations: you've made it to Memorial Day Weekend. Time to break out the white pants, swim suits, and rose wine, because the unofficial start to summer is officially here. Just because it's "summer," though, doesn't mean you have to get off the couch and "go outside." In fact, there's no better way to enjoy a three-day weekend than catching up, at last, on that nagging show everyone's been talking about.
Real talk, though: What's your binge-watching strategy? Will you watch a show in its entirety, or begin a long-term project? While we applaud those of you starting Lost or Twin Peaks, here, we recommend the more manageable endeavors. Ahead are the shows you can definitely fit into the three-day weekend, in order of their time commitment.
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If you like teen dystopias...

The Rain (2018)

It's a normal day for high-schooler Simone (Alba August). She ignores the storm clouds above, and focuses instead on her class presentation. Then, her father frantically bursts into the school, pulls Simone in the car, and tries to get the family to a bunker before the rain pours. As her father knows, the rain carries a deadly disease that kills its victims almost instantaneously. Within a few hours, Simone and her brother are left alone in the bunker, where they'll stay for the next five years until their food runs out, and they join another group of teen survivors.

Total time commitment: 8 hours
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If you like your self-deprecation witty and with a side of tea...

Fleabag (2016-present)

Fleabag (Phoebe Waller-Bridge), our unnamed protagonist, gives us a first-hand tour of the wreckage that is her daily life. Her London-based cafe is failing. Her relationship with her sister is bristly, and tormented by the death of their mother. She's sleeping with lots of terrible men. And worst of all, Fleabag is mourning the recent loss of her best friend, whose death may be connected to Fleabag's own bad habits.

Total time commitment: 3 hours
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If you wish there were a manual for adulthood...

Insecure (2016-present)

Anyone who said their 20s were easy must not have been paying attention. Issa (Issa Rae) is stuck at an underwhelming job at a nonprofit and floundering in a stale long-term relationship. Her best friend, Molly (Yvonne Orji) is a successful lawyer who endures far too many microaggressions and bad first dates. Written by Rae herself, the dark comedy follows the two Black 20-somethings as they navigate love and professional life in Los Angeles.

Total time commitment: 4 hours
Find it on HBO.
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If you like your summers raunchy...

Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Summer (2015)

The cult comedy Wet Hot American Summer takes place on the whirlwind last day of camp at Camp Firewood. Though this Netflix prequel was made 14years later, it actually takes place on the first day of camp. All of your favorite Camp Firewood counselors are back — just much older. Keep in mind that the campers' hijinks are best appreciated if the original film is fresh in your mind, so be sure to watch the movie first.

Total time commitment: 4 hours + 1.5 hour movie
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If you like Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt...

Chewing Gum (2015-present)

Like Kimmy Schmidt, helplessly naive 24-year-old Tracey Gordon (Michaela Coel) has been isolated from the adult world by her overzealous mother, who prizes piousness above all. Despite her mother's wishes, Tracey is downright desperate to lose her virginity. She turns to her best friend and her budding love interest for help.

Total time commitment: 4.5 hours
Find it on Netflix.
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If you appreciate a good game of "Will They Or Won't They"...

Lovesick (2014-present)

After being diagnosed with chlamydia, twentysomething Dylan (Johnny Flynn) must do the responsible thing and inform his past partners. Each episode jumps back and forth in time between present-day Dylan and the past encounter. While Dylan has dated around, he's always only had eyes for Evie (Antonia Thomas), his best friend who's about to get married.

Total time commitment: 5.5 hours
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If there can never be enough police dramas...

Top of the Lake (2013-present)

A cop, mangled by a dark past. An unsolved case. A small town. You've seen the formula before — only here, Elisabeth Moss is the cop, and she's investigating the disappearance of a pregnant 12-year-old girl in New Zealand. With season 2 (starring Nicole Kidman!) set to air in September, better catch up on this police drama before fall comes.

Total time commitment: 6 hours
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If you're sad The Americans has an end date...

Deutschland 83 (2015)

Here's another show about a Soviet-era spy for you. In this German-language miniseries, a soldier from East Germany is sent on a mission to the other side of the Berlin Wall. This coming-of-age story is made riveting by its high-stakes, Cold War backdrop.

Total time commitment: 6 hours
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If you're a nut for true crime...

The Keepers (2017)

In 1969, a 26-year-old Catholic nun disappeared, and was found dead two months later. At first, Sister Catherine Cesnik, a beloved teacher at Archbishop Keough, seems an unlikely murder victim. As The Keepers shows, Cesnik knew something terrible was happening at Archbishop Keough High School — and was ready to blow the whistle. That knowledge got her killed. The Keepers will grip you, move you, and absolutely infuriate you.

Total time commitment: 7 hours
Find it on Netflix.
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If you want to jump on the '80s nostalgia bandwagon...

Stranger Things (2016-present)

Strange things start happening in the small town of Hawkins, Indiana, when 12-year-old Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) disappears. A mysterious, silent girl named Eleven starts hanging around Will's group of friends. There's a hole in this dimension that leads to a parallel universe. And that parallel universe is home to one helluva monster. See what the buzz is all about before this '80s-nostalgia-fueled sci-fi show's second season drops on October 31.

Total time commitment: 8 hours
Find it on Netflix.
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If you have a short attention span...

Master of None (2015-present)

Fantastic, another opportunity for me to rave about Master of None, Aziz Ansari's tour-de-force Netflix comedy. The series follows Dev (Aziz Ansari), a budding actor, as he bumbles through adult life with an endearing, childlike spirit. While some episodes are linked by an overarching plot, the best ones are entirely tangential. For example, an entire episode in season 2 is devoted to Dev and his friend Denise's Thanksgiving dinners over the years; another follows three strangers through a day in New York.

Total time commitment: 11 hours
Find it on Netflix.
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If you're fascinated by other people's relationships...

Catastrophe (2015-present)

While on a business trip to London, an American named Rob (Rob Delaney) has a steamy week with an Irish woman named Sharon (Sharon Horgan). He though it was goodbye, until weeks later, Sharon calls and informs him she's pregnant — and keeping the baby. The series follows Rob and Sharon as they make the leap from acquaintances to partners and parents, all while getting to know each other.

Total time commitment: 12 hours
Find it on Amazon Prime.
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Courtesy of Netflix
If you'll always be young at heart...

Grace and Frankie (2015-present)

Though their husbands were longtime law partners, country-clubbing Grace (Jane Fonda) and whimsical painter Frankie (Lily Tomlin) were never friends. When their husbands announce they're leaving their wives for each other, Grace and Frankie are thrown into an emotional tumult only the other will understand. Over the three seasons of this complex, heartening sitcom, a true friendship emerges between the former enemies. There's nothing like seeing two legendary actresses inject new life into the sitcom format.

Total time commitment: 20 hours
Find it on Netflix.

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