9 TV Shows You Should Savor, Not Binge

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In the age of Netflix and instant gratification, it’s tempting to gallop through TV shows as quickly as possible. But is streaming always the right choice? While some shows, like Parks and Recreation, were practically designed to be binge-watched, others don’t go down so easy.
In fact, after watching too many episodes of Louie in a row, you may crawl under the covers for a week and only emerge for ice cream breaks. Other shows, like Six Feet Under and Lost, were designed before anything like Netflix Instant came out. Their packed, heavy episodes were meant to be digested on a week-by-week basis, not all at once.
So, let’s head back to the early aughts, when TV was a slow burn. Watch as slowly as your schedule allows, because back in the day, TV wasn’t a race — even if it is now.
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