These Are The Anthems Of Summer 2017

The characters on Game of Thrones are experts in predicting when winter is coming. I, on the other hand, am far more interested in reading the signs of summer. Summer technically starts on June 21, sure — but the summer mood begins much earlier than that. First, there are the obvious progressions: The temperature rises, the AC starts buzzing, and your maxi dress finally gets its first debut since last August. Then, there are the subtle changes. All the movies in theaters involve superheroes or explosions. Everyone’s drinking rose.
Then, there's my favorite part of summer: Blasting songs from open car windows. There’s a certain magic in the combination of warm nights and booming pop anthems. Even now, in New York, I dream of my days playing “We Are Young” from my beat-up car in high school. A summer anthem somehow inspires instant nostalgia.
In the future, when you hear these songs, you’ll remember where you were in the summer of 2017. You’ll remember the songs you played at the beach. The songs you sang to on your friend’s roof. The songs you memorized accidentally, so often were they on the radio.
Here are the tracks you may be sick of come October — but maybe not.
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