Pretty Little Liars Fans Think This Dollhouse Clue Could Be A Big Hint About Uber A

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A.D. may be playing games, but Pretty Little Liars fans are definitely not. The series is inching towards its June 27 finale, and fans are desperate to uncover the identity of A.D. — aka Uber A — before the series takes its final bow. Now, an eagle-eyed fan on Reddit has discovered something lurking in the background of Big A's sinister dollhouse that might prove a popular fan theory correct.
The evidence comes from Redditor Covermaker, who points out that there is a small, but possibly important difference between Spencer's (Troian Bellisario) room in the dollhouse and the one she has in the Hastings house.
As we know, Charlotte (Vanessa Ray) set up the dollhouse to look nearly identical to the Liars' homes in Rosewood, with just a few small twists. (Like, say, the fact that the rooms were located in an underground bunker.) Covermaker noticed that in place of Spencer's "S" portrait, Charlotte had placed an "A."
Now, this ordinarily wouldn't be weird at all — after all, Charlotte was using the single-letter moniker, and could have easily been decorating Spencer's room to make sure the Liars knew that A is in charge. However, given a very popular fan theory about Spencer, it's possible that there's another reason why Spencer's room had an "A" in it: because it represents the room of Spencer's twin.
There's a ton of evidence to suggest that Spencer might not have been the only baby that her biological mother Mary Drake (Andrea Parker) gave birth to that dark and stormy night. A major clue is the scene between Spencer and Hanna (Ashley Benson) from the season 7 premiere, when Hanna talks to a "Dream Spencer" that, oddly, knows more than Hanna would in her predicament. Yet there's a ton of other evidence to support the theory that we may be seeing a double of Spencer — and that her twin might actually be the person we know as "A.D."
If Spencer did have a twin, that twin would be Charlotte's biological sister: It would make plenty of sense for the two of them to team up. If Spencer's twin's name started with an A, it's likely she would go by the name A. Drake, just as Charlotte went by the assumed name Cece Drake. In fact, if Charlotte and Spencer's twin were working together, the room Spencer stayed in at the dollhouse might have actually been A.D.'s room.
While I'd love to say that this clue is an opportunity for us to drop the mic on Uber A's identity, PLL is still a tightly-wound mystery... and one clue can't unravel it all. Still, with just over a month to go until all is revealed, I'm keeping my eyes open for every little piece of evidence I can find.

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