This Scene Proves That Spencer's Twin Is A.D. On Pretty Little Liars

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After seven years of speculating, theorizing, and spending hours on Reddit and Tumblr, fans will bid goodbye to Pretty Little Liars in June. The mystery of how the drunk moms managed to escape the DiLaurentis basement is one for the ages, but the rest of our burning questions will finally be answered. Anything is possible in Rosewood, but we’re calling it now — Spencer’s twin has to be A.D.
I know, I know — we haven’t received any actual confirmation that she has a twin. But the reveal that Mary Drake (aka Jessica DiLaurentis’ twin) is Spencer’s biological mom lends further credence to this popular fan theory. Personally, I think Spencer’s twin and Bethany Young are one and the same — there has to be a reason viewers have never seen Bethany’s face, right?
Another major clue came from Tyler Blackburn, who told US Magazine: “You've never met [A.D.]… you kind of have. When you see it, you'll understand what I'm saying."
Not to be conceited or anything, but I think I already understand what he’s saying.
For more clues, let’s revisit a scene from the Season 7A premiere. When A.D. held Hanna hostage, she was visited by Spencer in a “dream sequence” — and many fans immediately speculated that it wasn’t a dream at all. It’s surely no coincidence that, in the very same episode, Mary Drake and Spencer came face-to-face. Mary commented that Melissa and Spencer used to look like twins, which is what kicked off the “Spencer has a twin” theory in the first place.
The version of Spencer who visited Hanna in the “dream” wasn’t rocking those post-time jump bangs. But the bigger clue is that Spencer used the name “A.D.” Hanna was kidnapped before anyone uttered the name A.D., so there’s no way her subconscious mind would dream about it.
As the sequence concludes, Hanna lays in her friend’s lap as Spencer sings a lullaby. Fast forward to the 7A finale — immediately after Spencer was shot, Mary appeared out of nowhere and then proceeded to cradle her and sing the exact same lullaby. Coincidence? We think not.
The most plausible explanation is that Hanna wasn’t dreaming at all. Her visitor was A.D. — aka Spencer’s twin.

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