Pretty Little Liars Keeps Dropping Hints That Spencer Has A Twin

Photo: Ron Tom/Freeform
Prepare yourself, PLL Army. Pretty Little Liars is inching towards A.D.'s endgame, and there are so many Uber A suspects out there. There's no shortage of people who could be the show's ultimate villain. There are the obvious sketchy choices, like "app developer" Lucas (Brendan Robinson), or shady Dr. Wren Kingston (Julian Morris). Then there are the dark horses that some people swear will be unmasked as this iteration of A, including Aria's soon-to-be hubby Ezra (Ian Harding) and even the seemingly deceased Charlotte (Vanessa Ray). Some people even suspect Aria (Lucy Hale), despite the many, many plot holes having the Liar as the ultimate baddie would crack open.
While a Liar might not be revealed as Uber A, there is a theory that people can't seem to let go of — and for good reason. Could Spencer (Troian Bellisario) have an evil twin?!? It sounds ludicrous on paper — especially since the series just introduced Mary Drake, aka Jessica DiLaurentis' mirror image. Would the series do the doppelganger thing again?
There's evidence that says "Hell, yes." Here are all the clues that fans uncovered that seems to suggest there's more than one Spencer running around... and that she's been the one pulling the strings this whole time.

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