A Pretty Little Liars Star Teases That Charlotte Might Not Be Dead After All

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Pretty Little Liars star Vanessa Ray just gave fans a reason to believe that Charlotte may be alive after all. And, really, in a show where death rarely seem to stick, should we be that surprised? This is the same show in which we spent seasons looking for who killed Alison (Sasha Pieterse), only to learn that she had been traipsing around the world in a red trench coat the entire time. The former Big A already faked her death once (not to mention faked Mona's murder) so why should we believe that she's really gone?
I guess we shouldn't. During an interview with Shine On Media, Ray was asked by host Lisa Hiser whether Charlotte was actually a goner. Ray gave a smile before responding with:
"I'm not allowed to say if I'm dead," teased the actress. "But I'll be around. You'll see me in the final season, so look out for it."
I'm totally pumped for the return of Charlotte, which, according to Ray's interview with Entertainment Weekly, will occur in the series finale. She told EW back in November:
"I was back for the last episode and had a really heartbreaking time... We don’t know how she died and that’s been a big topic of discussion for all of season 7, so I think you’ll get an answer to that."
There are plenty of reasons to believe that Charlotte didn't actually die, but instead faked her death. For one thing, the Freeform series introduced Mission: Impossible-style masks that can warp anyone's identity — maybe that body at the bottom of the belltower wasn't Charlotte's after all? We know how much Charlotte loved to play games and torture the Liars, and perhaps sending them on a wild goose chase to seek out Charlotte's "killer" — or even throwing the Liars in prison for Charlotte's death — is her final game. Maybe Uber A is just Big A with a better plan.
While we don't know for sure, what we do know is that Ray isn't ruling out her character's "resurrection." We'll definitely see Charlotte during the final 10 episodes of Pretty Little Liars, but we'll have to wait to find out in what form.
Check out the full interview below:

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