The New Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Promo Is The Creepiest Yet

The latest Pretty Little Liars promo for the Freeform series' final 10 episodes is just a touch unsettling. The clip, which was shared by the Pretty Little Liars Twitter account on January 2, reminds fans that the Liars and the people closest to them are still under the thumb of the latest iteration of A. "We swim around in this fish bowl like we're in control," Mona (Janel Parrish) says over shots of the Liars sleuthing through dark hallways, slamming laptops, and reading cryptic notes. "We are not. There's always been someone watching. Manipulating."
As if that was ever really a question. The show's baddest baddie of them all, known as A.D. or Uber A, has already outwitted and out-eviled former villains Mona and Charlotte (Vanessa Ray). At the beginning of season 7, Uber A kidnapped and tortured Hanna (Ashley Benson), proving that they're not here to play dolls. Unless you water-torture your dolls, of course. It's not always what A.D. actually does that makes this villain so nefarious: it's also about what crime they can bully the Liars into committing. "What did A.D. make you do?,"Emily (Shay Mitchell) says to a very upset Alison (Sasha Pieterse). Waiting until April 18 to find out might be the real torture.

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