The Only Way Pretty Little Liars Could Shock Us Would Be If Uber A Is A Liar

Photo: Eric McCandless/Freeform
Pretty Little Liars promises a seriously shocking series finale — one that, according to Ashley Benson, will finally reveal the identity of the show's biggest bad to date, Uber A. Benson sat down with People and spilled just how crazy the series finale got. “When I found out the ending, it was really shocking. You would never think that would even be possible,” Hanna Marin's alter ego said of Uber A's unmasking. “I think the fans are going to be really shocked. It completely came out of nowhere, which was really cool." Sorry, Benzo, but there's a real chance that Pretty Little Liars has run out of things for audiences to "never expect." This is the show that revealed Big A was Alison's secret sister, Charlotte DiLaurentis — and then went back and revealed that Charlotte was actually the daughter of Alison's mom's secret twin. It's the show that faked multiple deaths, used latex Mission: Impossible-style masks to have characters swap faces, and included a relationship between a teacher and student that didn't end with the adult in handcuffs. What's left for the show to pull on us? There is one thing, of course: have Uber A revealed as one of the Liars. After all, isn't that the ultimate betrayal? Not only have the Liars seemed like a united front since day one, the audience firmly believes that we can trust them completely. Uber A revealed as, say, Spencer with a split personality, might be the one thing fans would never believe could happen. Speaking of that we know that Mary is Spencer's mother (or so she says), could there be more to Spencer's blackouts than one might have assumed? Could the smartest woman in any room have been moonlighting as Uber A while spending her days trying to learn the baddie's identity? It would be one hell of a twist — just as Benson promised — and Spencer certainly does have her share of dark moments... Could it be? After the Big A reveal pulled the controversial "Charles is transgender" twist, I'm willing to say that anything is possible. Still, I'm not sure it would be worth it for PLL to sacrifice a character fans have come to know and love for the sake of another shocking moment. Personally, I'd take a solid reveal that wasn't quite as jaw-dropping if it protected the characters we cared about the most across seven seasons.

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