The Final 10 Episodes Of Pretty Little Liars Will Be More Murder-y Than Ever

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Pretty Little Liars is making a pretty big promise: lots and lots of death in the show's final 10 episodes.
Speaking to TooFab at Los Angeles' PaleyFest, Andrea Parker, who portrays both Alison's deceased mom Jessica DiLaurentis and Jessica's mysterious (and potentially evil?) twin Mary Drake, revealed that one thing the PLL army can expect from season 7b is a high body count. The actress told TooFab:
"[There will be] so much romance...and some murder. More murder. I think more murder than we've ever seen."
More murder than we've ever seen is saying quite a lot, considering the events of previous seasons. It's not exactly like PLL is new to the whole murder game, after all — this show was basically built on the mound of dirt where Jessica buried Alison (Sasha Pieterse) once upon a time. PLL getting even more murder-y means that season 7b is going to try to top Aria (Lucy Hale) being locked in a box with Garrett's (Yani Gellman) corpse, Sara "Shower" Harvey (Dre Davis) truly earning her nickname after being murdered while in the tub, and Noel (Brant Daugherty) losing both his cool and his head while seeking vengeance on the Liars.
Death has followed these little liars for quite some time — so yeah, color me shocked at any season that declares it will top the show's most insane murders.
So, the real question: Who's going to bite the bullet in the upcoming episodes? While I doubt PLL will give us one death per episode, I do think we can expect the body count to be more brutal than it was in previous seasons. Could someone very close to the Liars — say, one of the love interests — be offed by the season's end? Or, could the show go the opposite way and have a surprising person both betray that liars and meet their doom? (In which case, it's Lucas. It's gotta be Lucas.)
Parting really is such sweet sorrow — both when it's saying goodbye to characters we've loved and loathed, and to PLL itself.

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