This Pretty Little Liars Fan Video May Convince You Of Uber A's True Identity

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Every Pretty Little Liars fan has their Uber A suspect. But could the right amount of evidence sway you from accusing Wren (Julian Morris) of being the ultimate Big Bad? If so, you might want to check out this new YouTube video that suggests Lucas (Brendan Robinson) is the one hiding beneath that hoodie.
I've long been suspicious of Lucas, mostly because he has plenty of traits that make him a viable suspect for the Liars' notorious stalker. He has access to plenty of cash, was once Mona's (Janel Parrish) minion, and has a deep hatred of Alison (Sasha Pieterse). Oh, and his house nearly barbecued Aria alive. Just saying.
Apparently YouTube user G_xoxo also thinks that Lucas is A, and they have significant evidence to back up their claims. How much evidence?Almost 30 minutes worth. G_xoxo's video includes clips of Lucas showing up at the most convenient times, deep cut clues like a puzzle that reveals an image of a boy and a girl (is Lucas Charlotte's little brother?), and evidence of Lucas' pyromania that matches up with Uber A's passion for explosions. Check out the whole video below because, trust, it's worth it.
If Lucas is Uber A, the next question on the table is what are his motives? While G_xoxo suggests that maybe Lucas is Spencer's twin, and therefore Charlotte's sibling as well, I secretly hope that we get a simpler answer for why he's torturing the Rosewood squad. Alison was kind of a monster to him in high school, and the Liars didn't exactly do anything to stop her reign of terror. Could Lucas be holding the biggest grudge ever and be playing a very dangerous game?
We'll have to wait for PLL's triumphant return on April 18 to start putting all the pieces together — and another 10 episodes after that before we get our answer in the two-hour season finale. Still: it can't hurt to speculate, right?

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