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Pretty Little Liars Season 6, Episode 18 Recap: Let’s Get Fired Up

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In perhaps the most realistic storyline in Pretty Little Liars history, the post-grad girls in their 20s had back-to-back wedding-related events. First, there was the Montgomery wedding, followed by a very impromptu and secret wedding ceremony for Ali (Sasha Pieterse). Yep, they confirmed in the first scene that Ali is officially Mrs. Rollins now. And then there was tonight's wedding shower for Hanna (Ashley Benson).
Wedding festivities must go on — even when you're being chased by a couple of murderers, and you're a suspect in another murder. Unfortunately, A got wind of the party, and promptly hacked into the house. Yes, you read correctly, hacked into the house. Emily (Shay Mitchell) and Hanna are staying in Lucas' (Brendan Robinson) smart house, where every single aspect is controlled by one system and totally hackable. Seems totally safe when you're used to being tortured by a tech whiz, right?
The hacking resulted in blaring alarms (which I expected to result in PTSD from the life-sized doll house they were locked in for three weeks last season). Instead they ran around like lunatics, and Aria (Lucy Hale) caught on fire. (At least it wasn't Emily, since basically all bad things happen to Emily).
Other than the second-degree burn, most of the characters ended up pretty unscathed this week. That said, they did all find themselves getting closer to their exes. We can definitely expect plenty of relationship drama in the last two episodes of the season. And, hey perhaps tonight's fire was just foreshadowing of Lucy Hale getting the series finale she wants?
Here are the 29 biggest questions from tonight's episode:
1. Ali and Elliott (Huw Collins) really got married. Wow. Well, congrats?
2. How did Aria not notice someone else was using her camera and taking over wedding photographer duties?
3. Mr. Hatings (Nolan North) is around?!
4. Why would Ms. Marin (Laura Leighton) want Mona (Janel Parrish) to be invited to Hanna's wedding shower?
5. How is Melissa (Torrey DeVitto) able to leave the country so often without Spencer (Troian Bellisario) knowing? (I always make sure my sister tells me when she crosses state lines...you know, in case she gets kidnapped).
6. Why hasn't some told Hanna her new man is a dud? Even Ms. Marin prefers Caleb (Tyler Blackburn).
7. Is there no loyalty in Rosewood? It's weird to see Toby (Keegan Allen) turn against Caleb so quickly. But, we finally got that punch.
8. Why would Spencer and Caleb go outside to clean up his bloody nose? I can imagine the conversation: "Hi honey, I know the media is writing about us, we are supposed to be broken up, and we have secrets to talk about, but let's go in public to clean up your blood."
9. How come the girls can't get away from their exes? It's weird that Ezra (Ian Harding) and Aria are co-writing a romance novel together, honestly.
10. What happened to Nicole (Rebecca Breeds)?
11. Are we supposed to care about Nicole, this character we never really met? If so, they need to start adding to that storyline.
12. This show is called Pretty Little Liars — why is Emily being such a bad liar in the auto shop?
13, How did someone get a hold of Melissa's confession tape? They all should have done a better job getting rid of evidence.
14. Hanna picked Matt Damon as her celebrity crush in 8th grade?
15. In the town without loyalty, Ms. Marin still is loyal to Mona? Maybe she forgot that Mona tortured her daughter for years.
16. This game is awkward. Really, none of Hanna's best friends know how she met Jordan (David Coussins)?
17. Did Lucas never watch the Disney Channel original Smart House? That movie did a great job showing why you should NEVER live in a smart house.
18. How are the girls not super wary of technology after all of the years various tech devices have been used against them?
19. How did that fire even start?
20. Spencer and Toby had a pregnancy scare in college?
21. Toby is still a police officer after all the rules he broke?
22. We are expected to believe that Spencer would live in such a shabby dorm room without professional-grade decorations?
23. What is Ms. Marin obsession with Mona in this episode? I can't believe she seriously asked, "Why have you iced out Mona?" Because their shared history includes stalking and murder.
24. Do you think Ezra is relieved that finally all of his exes are of legal age?
25. Why did Mona keep the pink dice on her keychain?
26. Why did Mona call Charlotte (Vanessa Ray) that night?
27. How did everyone just accept that her name was Charlotte? Everytime she's mentioned I think CeCe..
28. Do all of the girls get back with their exes in next week's episode? It looks that way.
29. Did Hanna just grab Caleb's hand in front of Spencer in the preview? Ladies and gentlemen, that is why you should never date your friend's ex.

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