How One Pretty Little Liars Star Wants The Series To End

PLL fans are coming to terms with the fact that the liars will probably leave our screens forever after season 7. But how does the cast want to send off the characters they've played for the last six years? It seems that Lucy Hale, at least, wants to leave Aria in a positive place — with an ex.
Hale recently explained on The Talk how she'd like the series to leave Aria, saying, "I would say marriage, some babies maybe. I think Aria would be the first one to have some babies. You know, she's sort of still in love with this guy named Ezra throughout the course of show, so maybe some babies with Ezra."
This isn't the first time Hale has imagined how things might end up for the women of Rosewood. Back in January, she expressed her hope that the show wouldn't have a happy ending, telling E!, "I used to say, 'Oh I want the girls to end up happy and live an A-free life,' but I kind of want it to end really tragically. I want people to be really upset, like they've lost something when the show ends, because I know that my favorite shows have ended that way, so a tragic ending. I'll just leave it at that." The actress hasn't completely abandoned her idea of a bleak end. As she went on to explain on The Talk, "I say burn down Rosewood and walk away with two babies on each arm."

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