Two Of Your Favorite Couples On Pretty Little Liars Might Be Over

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Toby punching Caleb? Hanna battling PTSD? Ezra screaming "GET OUT!" at the Liars? This isn't some Pretty Little Liars alternate-universe fanfic: It all really happens in the new teaser for the series' winter premiere. For the show's January return, the Pretty Little Liars are leaping five years forward. And if you think the passage of time will bring calm to their lives, you're dead wrong. A new teaser for the remainder of season 6 is more intense than anything that happened in its first half, including the awkward A reveal, which had fans in an uproar (P.S. A has to really be Wren, am I right?). "We won," Hanna declares at the opening of the trailer. But girl, if you had really won, the rest of this season would just feature four girls drinking wine over Thanksgiving break. Instead, there appears to be a lot of drama in store — all starting with the line, "It's happening again, isn't it?" Hanna (Ashley Benson) is on the phone talking about her "PTSD," most likely from her horrible stint in an unground bunker, courtesy of Charles. Emily (Shay Mitchell) is being held down on a hospital bed while screaming. And Mona asks Spencer (Troian Bellisario) if she still has nightmares, once again from A's traumatic torture.
Speaking of A, CeCe (a.k.a. Charles) asks Alison, "Do you think they're still upset with me?" It looks more and more like Alison has forgiven her crazy sister, in spite of CeCe ruining her life, and torturing her friends, and almost getting her thrown in jail for murder. But isn't that what family is all about? We also see Toby — still a cop, or at the very least, pointing a gun — in a flash, as he punches Caleb in the face! What could possibly make the two most beloved boyfriends on the show come to blows? Could Spencer be hooking up with Caleb (RIP teams Spoby and Haleb)? Is their bromance officially over? As for Ezria fans, we have no idea what the status of that relationship is, but we do catch a glimpse of Ezra. And he seems pissed — literally screaming at the Liars. It's understandable. Everywhere these girls go, trouble follows. Sadly, there's no update on the mom squad. Hopefully someone got them out of that danky basement before they ran out of wine! PLL returns to ABC Family (soon to be Freeform) on January 12. Watch the teaser below, and curse I. Marlene King for sucking you back into Rosewood.

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