Chris Harrison Reveals Whether Rachel Lindsay's Dad Will Appear On The Bachelorette

Photo: Paul Hebert/Courtesy of ABC.
We have a lot of questions about Rachel Lindsay's season of The Bachelorette, kicking off Monday night: Which guy is Lindsay now engaged to? Who will get booted first? How much will race be addressed? And what the hell is "whaboom"? While we won't get the answers to most of those queries quite yet, we do know one thing we definitely won't be seeing: Mr. Lindsay himself.
In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, host and executive producer Chris Harrison explains that Dallas native Rachel's father, a federal judge, won't be appearing on camera (as the Bachelor or Bachelorette's parents usually do during hometown dates). "With his job and what he does, he just can't," Harrison said.
But that doesn't mean he didn't play a major role in his daughter's journey. "He was a big part of the show but off-camera," Harrison said. "It kind of changed things; we had to do some things in Dallas and kind of switch things around a little bit, because he plays such a big part in her life, and family's such a big part — we wanted to include that, even if we couldn't show some of it on television."
We're assuming this means that a few lucky guys will actually get to meet Lindsay's dad; we just won't get to see it. He was also MIA during Lindsay's hometown date with Nick Viall on The Bachelor last season. But Viall confirmed that he did get to meet the man. "I had the pleasure of meeting Rachel's father off camera," he tweeted. "Like the other fathers, he was wonderful."
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