We Didn't Realize This 2005 Eva Longoria Look Was Actually A Mishap

Photo: Peter Kramer/Getty Images
Who hasn’t committed a memorable fashion fail?
I’m not talking about that time you wore too much Von Dutch and leopard print in high school or when you left the house in something that should've never been purchased.
I mean an actual mishap. The kind of mistake that makes you facepalm seven years later, after it flashes across your memory, uninvited. Like that time you went to the grocery store wearing your sweater inside out. Or that time you just plum forgot to wear a bra with a shirt that was more see-through than you realized.
Well, actress Eva Longoria can probably empathize. Today, the 42-year-old posted a super glam, throwback photo of herself at Cannes in 2005. The caption read, “Flashback to my first year in Cannes 12 years ago! I look like a baby! Fun fact: I had my dress on backward. Yep. Backwards and didn't know it!”
It included that adorable yet mortified monkey emoji covering its eyes. Relatable.
That’s right: Longoria did what many of us have done in the past by mistakenly wearing something in a manner that wasn’t intended. Though fans got a kick out of Longoria’s little blunder.
“Even with a dress on backward you look amazing,” replied @jeremy_slater
“Lol funny fun fact indeed but you nailed the look anyway,” said another user, @iamyasminem.
True. In Longoria’s defense it’s not hard to see why the mishap initially went unnoticed; she looks amazing.
Longoria is currently in Cannes living it up like a pro. She’s come a long way since 12 years ago.
You can catch the starlet on tonight’s latest drama-filled episode of Empire. As for the future? She’s got a lot on her plate, though there’s one iconic role she’s vying for. Earlier this week the Desperate Housewives star admitted that if the opportunity came to resurrect the role of Gaby Solis, she’d sign up in a heartbeat.

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