Charlie Hunnam's Fan Once Asked Him For His Pubic Hair

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If you want proof that some fans just have no chill, consider this Charlie Hunnam story proof. According to the King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword actor's interview with Buzzfeed, a fan once asked Hunnam for some of his pubic hair. As, you know, one does.
The actor — who was once slated to play Christian Grey in the 50 Shades franchise before backing out — rose to fame with Sons Of Anarchy, a series that created plenty of Jax Teller — and Hunnam — fans. However, some of these fans weren't satisfied with watching Hunnam on screen — they wanted a piece of him to have and to hold. Yep, even pubic hair.
According to Hunnam's interview with Buzzfeed, the actor received the bizarre fan request via letter. He told the site:
"A lady wrote to me recently from Italy and asked if... I wouldn't mind sending her a toenail clipping, or if I couldn't do that maybe just a pubic hair."
Umm, yeah, if you're not getting a toenail clipping, you're definitely not getting a pubic hair. If there was a weird request hierarchy — and maybe there should be, considering Hunnam's strange incident — it absolutely would go toenail clipping and then pubic hair.
How did Hunnam respond?
"I called her up and said we should hang out," he joked to Buzzfeed, before adding: "No I didn't, I threw the letter away."
Look, zero judgements about how this fan lives her life, but it sounds like she would be better off getting her celebrity pubic hair's from eBay rather than making personal requests.
As for what Hunnam does dish out? He told Entertainment Tonight that he prefers to keep his gifts to girlfriend Morgana McNelis simple — but not, like, pubic hair simple.
"I subscribe to, like, not, like, necessarily giving a big Christmas present... or doing any giant outlandish romantic gestures," the actor told ET. "I try to keep it consistent like small amount of romance all the time, that's my strategy."
While I'm not sure how McNelis feels about Hunnam's presents, there's a fan out there who will be satisfied with anything.

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