5 Times Jax Teller Stole Our Hearts

Spoiler: If you haven't seen last night's series finale of Sons of Anarchy, STOP READING NOW. The last thing we want is someone coming after us with a barbeque fork because they saw something that ruined it all for them. Don't say we didn't warn you.
All good? Okay. Want a hug? After seeing bad boy babe Jax Teller purposely plow into Vic "Mack Truck" Mackey's semi, we sure as hell need one. Yes, he did the right thing. No, we didn't really want to see Jax back in prison oranges where he might end up like Otto or Juice. But, still. Our heart hurts and our pillow case is streaked in damp mascara streaks.
So, maybe Jackson was, as he put it, a "criminal and a killer." But, he was also a cute dad (when he was around), a total fox, and a man who never shied away from owning his mistakes or hugging it out with a bro. And, it's pretty impressive how he kept those sneakers so white up until the whole rose garden scene.
To honor Charlie Hunnam, Jax Teller, and the SAMCRO crew, herewith five favorite moments with our favorite biker boy. We'll miss the bare butt scenes, too, but most of all, we'll miss you.

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