Rachel Lindsay Is Back On Instagram After A Long Hiatus

Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin.
The past few months have been conspicuously devoid of Rachel Lindsay, the Dallas-based lawyer who has the distinction of being the first Black Bachelorette. Yesterday, we finally said something about it: Where is all the pre-show publicity that The Bachelorette usually dishes out? On Instagram and Twitter, Lindsay has been radio silent. So has ABC — neither the website nor the show's official Twitter had been updated in weeks. (As of today, ABC has added two photos to the press site for the show. You can see one of the two pictures to the left.) Just as it started to seem like we were in a Bachelorette vacuum, Rachel Lindsay posted on Instagram.
"Guess who's back!!!!" Lindsay wrote in the caption. In the accompanying photo, she's looking bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at Los Angeles International Airport. "And I'm back just in time to announce that The Bachelorette starts in exactly ONE WEEK!!!!. Please watch every Monday night as I start my journey to find love, commitment, respect, trust, and a best friend."
Before this post, Lindsay hadn't made a peep on Instagram in 11 weeks. Presumably she was off shooting the show for part of this time. (Former Bachelorette Jojo Fletcher took a similar 10-week hiatus prior to her season of the show. She likewise posted a selfie about a week before the premiere with the caption, "Guess who's back back back... Back again.")
Now that it seems the Instagram embargo has been lifted, and Lindsay is back at social media. Shortly after the airport post, Lindsay shared a photo of her newborn nephew Hendrix and another of a serious-looking gym session.
More importantly, though, Lindsay shared the list of attributes she's looking for in a partner. This is vital information: How else are we going to predict the winner of the upcoming season? Especially because ABC still hasn't released the roster of Bachelorette suitors, even though the season premieres on May 22. For now, this is all we know about the future winner (who has presumably already proposed).
1. He loves her.
2. He's committed to Rachel.
3. He respects Rachel, and she does in return.
4. They trust each other.
5. They're best friends.
Granted, it's not much. But we must make do with what we're given. ABC, if you're listening, please release the roster of the contestants. We want Rachel to find love, and also we want to build our Bachelorette brackets!
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