The Future Of Fragrance Is Here — & It Looks A Lot Like Skin Care

You can describe fragrance in about 47,820 different ways. Floral, clean, crisp, fruity, musky, watery, sexy, next-level sexy... but innovative? Eh, rarely — until recently. Take Derek Lam's new roll-on balms. How about Byredo's Kabuki brush-on scents? And now, one company is borrowing some tricks from the skin-care game that'll make smelling good for longer a whole lot easier.
According to WWD, Scent Invent Technologies just launched a fragrance primer, aptly called Linger, to help your scent last longer. Kind of genius. But that's not all: The company will also be introducing a perfume in serum form by the end of this year.
"We're here to reinvent scent, we’re here to change the textures, we’re here to change the delivery, we’re here to change the way the aroma performs," the co-founder of Scent Invent, Caroline Fabrigas, told the publication.
The primer, which is available now for $32.50 on HSN, has a milky formula and employs flexible polymers that form an invisible shield to lock the scent onto your skin. Just spray the oil-, fragrance-, and- alcohol-free liquid on your pulse points and spread it lightly with your fingers. As for the Linger Pure Parfum Serum, it will have a higher concentration of ingredients (it boasts an 18% fragrance load) than traditional eau de pafums and come in an innovative, pinpoint dispenser.
“This could be in a rollerball, a dabber stick, a blotter — there are many formats the serum could be taken into,” Fabrigas said. “I’m from skin care, so I thought the pinpointed application added to the sensory [experience].”
Besides HSN, the company is in talks with different retailers to help you get your hands on the goods, as well as different beauty brands to license out the technology — so this likely won't be the last you hear of the innovation. Imagine a world where you could pick up your favorite Gucci or Le Labo perfume in serum form. Sounds (and smells) very good to us.

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