Gigi Hadid Has Been Working Really, Really Hard On Her Runway Walk

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The road to nailing a signature runway walk is rife with tumbles and awkward mistakes. And if any high-ranking model knows what it’s like to be targeted for falling short in the walk department it’s Gigi Hadid. Nevermind her stunning editorial spreads; since making her fashion week debut, she’s had mixed reviews on the runway.
However, the 22-year-old has taken note and she’s serious about taking the catwalk by storm next season. In an interview with Harper's Bazaar, Hadid spoke candidly about the entire runway experience.
“I’ve really been working on trying to get better and to learn from every show, so I take it as a learning experience, because I always want to do my best. But I think it’s always going to be nerve-racking for me,” she said. “There’s always a little thing, like the shoes [are tight] or the dress is heavy or whatever, so that’s what you’re focused on, to make sure your walk is going to go well.”
Last year she explained that she was fully aware of her weak spot. “Obviously I’m not the best on the runway,” she said to W. “But what do you do? When you’re the face of a brand you show up to the show.” After JustJared tweeted out a link to the W interview last year with the headline “Gigi Hadid admits she’s still learning to walk on the runway,” the tweet went viral after countless users responded with a simple, “We know.” Ouch.
Clearly Hadid took notice and she’s hellbent on making improvements.
“I’m flat-footed, and I pretty much have a forced arch in my foot from playing volleyball my whole life,” she explained in the recent Bazaar interview. "In the last six months, my walk has really improved because I’ve started to learn how to pad my shoes correctly to support my feet. It’s like you learn little tricks, and you focus on those.”
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