40 Pics Of Supermodels’ Tiny, Tiny Tattoos

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But when a supermodel is your canvas, sometimes it's just one word — written in script and so tiny you need a zoom lens to see it. In an industry where your ability to be a chameleon and change your vibe to fit into whatever fashion label has hired you, it can be hard to inject your own personality into a look. But many models have staged tiny, silent protests in the form of some hard-to-hide mini tattoos.
Some have turned their love of tattoos into lucrative business deals, while others do it for pure stick-and-poke fun. Either way, the tats on some of our favorite gals ahead all seem to have one thing in common: size matters. Click through the slideshow to see what they all say (and if you can spot them without squinting).

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