THIS Is What It's Like To Get Ready With Amber Rose

Photo: Matt Baron/REX/Shutterstock.
They say that after the party's the hotel lobby, but in our opinion, that's where the real fun starts. We love any opportunity to get a sneak-peek of celebs gathering with their glam squads, taking mask selfies, guzzling Starbucks (or better), and prepping their look for a long evening ahead.
And if there's one room where we'd most love to be a fly on the wall, it's Amber Rose's. The MUVA is not only the coolest damn beauty ambassador in the game, but she also serves flawless makeup looks red carpet after red carpet.
Rose kindly invited Refinery29 for a sneak peek at her getting-ready process before the MTV Movie and TV Awards. The highlight? Getting to spy Rose's Flirt! Molten Chic eyeshadow duos, a new product that she wore for the first time last night. Rose also dropped the news that she formulated her own liquid lipsticks — also launching this month.
Curious to see what she and her makeup artist Priscilla Ono got up to? Check it out, ahead.