It Doesn't Get Cuter Than This Little Girl In Rihanna's Met Gala Look

Photo: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images.
We can’t deal with this little girl with the face of a cherub dressed up in Rihanna’s instantly-iconic Met Gala 2017 look. The details are so spot-on, right down to the tiny leg ribbons to mimic Rihanna’s custom DSquared2 lace-up heels. The dress itself looks as though it was made from heavy felt and floral-printed fabric. She even copped Rihanna’s elegant top knot hairstyle with side-parted bangs, and perhaps the most important accessory of all: a facial expression that says “yes, I know I look fierce.”
Are you still alive after seeing that? We know, it’s an adorable overload.
Since 1973, Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garçons has created clothing intentionally that subverts our presupposed notions of beauty, sexuality, and attractiveness - or does away with these notions altogether. As Rihanna’s stylist, Mel Ottenberg, told Billboard, “Comme des Garçons is's not for the faint of heart or less adventurous dressers”. Indeed, this year’s Met Gala paid homage to Kawakubo both in theme and to open an exhibition of her work at the Met (currently open now and running until September 7th). That Comme des Garçons is such a visionary force within fashion makes this cosplay even more precious. The gown itself, the opening runway look from Comme des Garçon’s Fall 2016 collection, is an explosion of petals and frills and bulbous forms. This girl is experiencing fashion at its most creative and free from the constraints of traditional beauty standards. After all, she just wanted to look like her fave, Rihanna, and wear something a little strange but very fun.
Rihanna’s contributions to fashion cannot be overstated. Her looks are so iconic, so bold, and so inspiring that we can immediately close our eyes and picture her slaying all day long on a red carpet. The dazzling, see-throughSwarovski dress? The yellow Guo Pei coat/gown/train situation? Rihanna even managed to look amazingly fly in the Vetements skirt printed with scenes from The Phantom Menace, the Star Wars film all of us would rather forget existed. Not only can Rihanna pull off these looks with the most obvious confidence, but she also inspires others to be their best-dressed selves as well. It takes a certain kind of je ne sais quoi to make us all feel cooler just by simply appreciating Rihanna’s sense of style.
Unfortunately, there’s no context behind this photo, which appeared on Twitter and immediately went viral. We'd love to her her story.
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