Two Google Employees Just Created The Lipstick Line Every Woman Needs

I once dated the most pretentious guy who's ego filled up every room he stood in. Luckily, the relationship only lasted a few months — but I learned an important message that's stuck with me since: I apologize too much. I would say sorry for things that definitely didn't require it, but, like so many other women, that had never stopped me before. Now, I make it a point to be much more assertive than I used to be, always asking myself the eternal question of What the fuck am I apologizing for? It's that same realization that inspired two Google employees to create a beauty line, aptly named Unapology.
After years of feeling compelled to apologize for their intelligence, confidence, and actions, Summer Prevé and Ariane Dupont were motivated to join the #sorrynotsorry movement. They co-founded a new makeup brand with a bold message: Stop compromising yourself to accommodate others. The new company just launched this week, but has already packed some major punch to the patriarchy. It includes six lipsticks that range from nude and brown to orange and red. Each one is named after a power position, including Alpha, Mastermind, Innovator, Visionary, Game Changer, and Rainmaker.
Just as good as the brand's message is the semi-matte finish each lipstick leaves behind, which you can buy individually or in sets of three or six. No matter what you pick, the decision is all yours. Given the current political climate right now, women could all use a little more of that, don't you think?

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