9 Things You Should STOP Apologizing For

Apologize_Like_You_Mean_It_640x427_1Illustrated by Austin Watts.
How many times do you say you're sorry in a single day? And, how many times do you actually mean it? At the recent Feminism In London Conference, women taking part in the "Taking Space, Talking Loud" workshop found it impossible to say “no” without apologizing. And, Telegraph reporter Radhika Sanghai found that disturbing. To help combat the problem, she has compiled a list of the most common things that women apologize for — but shouldn't be.
Among the more ridiculous things on the list: saying you're sorry for getting ready (umm, men do it, too) or having your period (like that can be helped). But, the one that really takes the cake — women apologizing for apologizing. Eesh. Even A-list apologies have been free-flowing recently. Julianne Hough went to Twitter to make amends after her racist Halloween outfit caused as stir. And, Downton Abbey star Joanne Froggatt made an indirect apology after stepping up to defend the recent rape scene on the hit TV show.
Sure, some things warrant a wholehearted "I'm sorry," and there are even ways to perfect the ideal apology. But, in an age where Miley Cyrus (rightly) refuses to reign in her outspoken persona and feminism is fast becoming the word on everyone’s lips, isn’t time to (wo)man up and do away with the "S" word?
Click through to read the entire list, and let us know in the comments section below, if you find sorry to be the hardest word not to say. (The Telegraph)

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