Chrissy Teigen Thinks You Should Go On Vacation Here

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We already know that Chrissy Teigen is the queen of relatable. She swears by Shake Shack and vodka sodas, she loves herself an Outback Steakhouse Bloomin' Onion, and she gets cranky about her hair extensions while drunk.
(Actually, this just in: Teigen and her husband John Legend, moments ago, posted a photo of themselves wearing nothing but a bed sheet with the caption, "Readddddy. #metball." See? Every moment she's alive is dripping with "relatable.")
So it was no surprise that the pair's favorite vacation spot, while glamorous, is also an old favorite.
Teigen recently told Travel + Leisure that her and Legend's favorite place to unwind is Lake Como: home of George Clooney's villa, dramatic mountain views, dazzlingly blue water, and the best Northern Italian cuisine and Aperol spritzes around.
"For me, the most special place is Lake Como, Italy. There’s just something so picturesque and so quiet about it," Teigen told the magazine. "When you look out on the lake, it looks like a painting. It’s completely silent."
Her love for the tranquil, dreamy lake makes us want to be on a boat in the middle of its waters, gawking at all the celebrity residences, like Clooney's Villa Oleandra and Villa La Cassinella (allegedly owned by Richard Branson). The old city of Como is worth checking out, too: It's pedestrian-friendly and perfect for strolling around with a gelato, as well as people-watching in Piazza Cavour.
Teigen and Legend reportedly fell in love while on vacation here, so it's fitting that they held their 2013 wedding — a Lisa Vorce-designed event that took place at Villa Pizzo, which dates back to the 1400s — in Lake Como. They've returned for vacations with family and friends since, and brought their daughter Luna there in January.
"There’s so many different aspects of it," Teigen told Travel + Leisure. "You can take a boat up the lake, you can do these little excursions, you can wear sandals with a dress and go eat the best Italian food of your life." We can't argue with that — especially the Italian food part.

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